Electricity from the Sun = Money in Your Pocket

Your Solar System

Solar For You


A solar system is great for you and the environment! Solar systems can be used to supplement power to your home, or to power it independently of the electrical grid. Grid-tied solar systems operate with the electricity grid to maximize performance of the solar system, without having to purchase batteries. These solar systems power your home first, and then feed energy back onto the grid when they’re producing excess energy. The utility credits you for all the energy you send onto the grid. When your system isn’t making energy (like at night) you can draw on these credits to get energy from the grid for free! This is called net-metering, and is supported by Vermont law. With a correctly sized system, your solar panels will produce as much energy as you use in a year! That means you will pay nothing for electricity!

Solar systems can also be used to help your home go off-grid. An off-grid system is connected to a bank of batteries to store excess energy from the solar system, instead of using the grid. When the solar system is not generating enough energy to power your home you can draw upon the power stored in these batteries, much the same as a net-metered system does with the grid. With a correctly sized system and battery bank, your home will be entirely self-sufficient.

How do solar systems generate electricity?

A typical residential solar system is composed of 16-20 connected solar modules (panels). Each module is in turn composed of many smaller solar cells. When the sunlight strikes a module, the energy in the light is absorbed by electrons in the cells, creating a flow of electrical energy in the module. The electricity generated by the module is direct current (DC). Since energy on the grid is alternating current (AC), the energy from the module is carried to an inverter which converts it from DC to AC. Then, this sustainably-produced energy is used to power your home, for free!

What does this mean for you?

With a solar system providing energy for your home, you’ll save money on energy expenses! Solar systems are excellent investments. Solar systems have very long warranty periods (typically 25 years), and generally pay for themselves in less than half that time. After they have paid for themselves, all the energy they generate is money in your pocket!

Solar energy is clean and sustainable. Solar systems last at least 25 years, which means they consume very few physical resources. They produce energy from the sunlight, and there are no greenhouse gases emitted in the process! This energy can be used to replace energy coming from unsustainable sources, like coal-fired power plants. Installing a solar system saves you money, and helps the environment!