Electricity from the Sun = Money in Your Pocket

About Us

Ripton Community Solar System

Our History

Addison Renewable Energy has been working to help Vermonters and the environment for more than 20 years. We were founded on the belief that everyone deserves a healthy, clean environment. We provide a variety of renewable energy services to help Vermonters lead more sustainable lifestyles, without having to spend a fortune.

From the beginning, we recognized the potential of solar technology to make a positive difference in the world. However, we also saw many issues with the solar industry in Vermont. The solar industry often takes advantage of unsuspecting homeowners, selling them leased systems. There are many benefits to owning a solar system outright which the homeowner then doesn’t receive. We began specializing in solar design and installation in order to bring these benefits back to the customer. As the industry has continued to develop, we have stayed true to our intentions.

Our Values

Addison Renewable Energy is a small, locally-owned business committed to supporting both environmental and social justice through our work. We design and install solar systems which provide the greatest environmental benefits, the highest reliability and the best financial performance possible for our residential, commercial and community customers. How do we embody this mission in our work?

Social Justice
Addison Renewable Energy believes in working with our customers. We make sure that the financial benefits of every solar system we install stay in our local communities. Our customers are the people who receive the greatest economic benefits from our solar systems. We believe that your solar system should benefit you the most, instead of the installer, manufacturer, or outside investors! We work very hard to make that a reality with every system we install.

We accomplish this several ways. Most importantly, we do not install leased solar systems. These can be used as tax shelters for wealthy “tax equity investors,” and stripped of all benefits for homeowners. Instead, we install only systems owned outright by homeowners. In addition to this, we make our process extremely transparent. From the first consultation until your system is powered up, we will make sure you know what we’re doing, and why we do it. This ensures that our customers get exactly what they want, and what they deserve.

Environmental Justice
At Addison Renewable Energy, we believe strongly that we can make a difference in the health of the environment. To accomplish this, none of the renewable energy credits (RECs) from our systems are sold into other energy markets. Instead, they are kept off the market with the explicit intent that they benefit the environment to the greatest extent possible.

Every System Counts

Addison Renewable Energy believes that solar systems should be beneficial for the environment and communities in which they are installed. When RECs are sold for a profit and financing of the system is used to expand wealth inequality by the redirection and concentration of tax credits, this is not accomplished. We do not sell any of our RECs, and we make sure that our customers get all of the tax credits from their systems. Each system we install helps us towards our goal of a more sustainable society with healthier communities. Working with Addison Renewable Energy promotes social and environmental justice, and saves you money. You can help Addison Renewable Energy create a healthier, more sustainable future for our world! Get started, or learn more about how solar works.

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